Introduction Some Makeup Tricks to Gorgeous Lady

Put on lipstick before putting on your makeup.

7 Tricks For Foundation Look 

1.When applying liquid foundation,firstly,Soak the makeup eggs in water and wrap them with paper towels to squeeze the moisture,then use the egg dipped in hand liquid foundation to put on face,the base makeup will become dewy makeup and not easy to remove.

2.If you feel that the foundation is too dry in winter, trying to squeeze the foundation to your hands first and add some essence,the base makeup will be a lot of submissive.

3.The make-up spray can be used multiple times during makeup. You can use the make-up spray before or after applying foundation, after using loose powder, and after full makeup. You will find that this step does make your skin better. When spraying, do not spray directly on your face, probably the most suitable distance for one arm.

4.When using air cushion make-up must pat cheek more, do not be afraid of pain, if you feel tired can change another hand to continue to Pat, this will show the effect of Skin Booster.

5.Before applying makeup, you can apply creamy blush on both cheeks and then apply liquid foundation. There will be a feeling that the skin is a naturally red-white look.

6.When putting on the bottom makeup, if some face parts cakey,you can use a puff to bring it over gently.If you have applied and it has been peeling, you can spray the cotton to a semi-wet with spary then press the peeling position lightly.

7.Buy one dark color and one light color concealer, darker ones are used to cover dark circles, and lighter ones are used to highlight the T area.

 7 Eye Makeup Tricks

1.Eye makeup steps: eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow.If you start with eye shadow, and then eyeliner and Mascara if not be painted well, you have to wipe and reapply put on the eye shadow. And applying eye shadow after drawing the eyeliner can make the eyeliner become softer.

2.When you apply the eyeliner, look at yourself in the mirror, so the eyeliner makeup will be the most natural. If you look down or look up, your eyeliner will be easy to bad.

3.For those who don't know how to apply eyeliner, plz find a thin brush and dip into the dark eyeshadow shade to put on.

4.Be Sure to curl your eyelashes before applying Mascara. After that, you'll notice that your eyes are much bigger.

5.Before applying the mascara, you can wipe off the excess mascara cream with a paper towel, so that the lashes will be sharp and clear, and will not become "fly legs".

6. Be Sure to brush your bottom eyelashes and it will enlarge your eyes every minute.

7.Applying glittering eyeshadows in your eyes will make your eyes look very enchanting.

10 Others Makeup Tricks and Tips 

1.Whn applying blusher, be sure to apply on your nose tip and chin, it will make you so cute!!

2.Do not apply the highlight to the tip of the nose, it will easily get oily and dirty.

3.Applying highlighter on the eyebrows and cheekbones,Profile/Side-face will look beautiful.

4.When you don’t know what color of eye shadow to choose, you can use your own blusher, it will have unexpected effects.

5.When girls with small mouths apply lipstick, they can use a light color as base, then blur the lip line with their hands, and then add other colors to apply, it will not look so intentional, giving people a lazy feeling.

6.It is best not to apply a mask before applying makeup. Opening pores will allow cosmetics to into.

7.Be sure to apply sunscreen, after using sun cream. Sun protection can damage the base makeup. So be sure to wait for the sunscreen to dry before applying base makeup.

8.If you want to keep hair up or show bangs, you can apply blush on your ears, temples, and the circles around the eyes. Girls just want pink and tender.

9.Don't apply black or gray eyebrows, color should be three points lighter than your hair color.

10.Can't find an eyebrow pencil that suits your hair color, you can use matte eyeshadow instead.

Reading seriously,you will get more tricks and make you look great when makeup!

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