Everyday Natural Makeup Tutorial

Pseudo-pigment nude makeup is very popular and sought after by many people.Every Beginner learns to start makeup with fresh soft natural makeup.Now you just need to read this article that you will know how to makeup your face.

Supernatural makeup step 

First of all, choose a multi-effect BB cream and apply it on the entire face as a base. The trick here is to use a small sponge to make the base makeup more convincing.

Next up is concealer. Use a concealer in your dark circle,spot,acne...to make your skin tone more even and look fresher and flawless.

Thirdly is eyebrow. Use an eyebrow brush to dip the appropriate amount of eyebrow powder into the shape of the eyebrow and fill it a little bit to deepen the color of the eyebrows. Beginner paints eyebrows still needs a lot of practice!

Summer makeup, loose powder is an essential good product! Dip an appropriate amount of loose powder onto the face evenly.

Forth is contour.Brush the shadow powder from the masseter muscles toward the ears on both sides of the cheeks to play a thin face. This is how the small V face be created! Gently cast shadows on both sides of the nose to make the face more three-dimensional and have a bumpy feel.


Fifth,eyeliner and lash.Draw a slender eyeliner along the base of the eyelashes, and gently lift the end of the eye.Brush your eyelashes. In order to make the eyelashes look denser, you can brush it several times, and it will be immediate! This makeup is mainly natural, so it is not recommended to use false eyelashes.

Next,Blush is a weapon to increase affinity! Put pink blush on both sides of the cheek. The rosy complexion looks very beautiful.

At last,Finish with natural red lipstick.


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