Beginner to buy lipstick or lip glaze? what is the difference between lip glaze and lipstick?

Beginners are better off buying lipstick, which is easier to use. They are different in texture, color saturation, Instructions and  moisture.The girls with whiter skin can choose the pink that takes blue as fundamental key or peachblossom,it can bring visual impact feeling, let your skin looks surpasses snow. Yellow skin can choose a warm shade of Lipstick, with pink and warm shades of coral can brighten skin,coordinate with yellow. 

white skin

 Wheat skin tone is suitable for highly saturated orange lipsticks, which can not only brighten skin tone, but also neutralize yellowish wheat skin. Dark-skinned girls can be bold use burgundy, which will be very personalized. 

burgundy color lipstick

 Choose Lipstick according to the season:

Spring: The lipstick of spring can cooperate with natural scenery,using orange, coral, rose color and so on,to give a warm feeling of spring.

Summer:In summer, it is best to use light-colored or shiny lipsticks to give people a refreshing and natural feel.

Autumn: Choose a Bright Orange Hue to add vitality and sparkle in the fall.

Winter: Winter Makeup can emphasize contour, choose dark brown color to emphasize the three-dimensional feeling of the lips. 

mini lip glaze

 Choose lipstick based on lip color:

Deep lip color:Try to choose a series that is similar to your own lip color. Avoid nude lipsticks, thin lip glazes and other lipsticks that cannot cover the lip color. You can choose a big red color to cover the lip color, and at the same time, it can show white.

Light Lip Colour: light lip colour does not have too big mine field,always charming with either light or heavy make-up, choose lipstick colour according to the collocation of occasion and dress won't have too big problem.

Choose Lipstick according to the Texture:

Lips are dry: Before applying this lipstick, you must use a lip balm to moisturize the lips to prevent dry skin from affecting the effect.

Lips are moist: There are not too much contraindication on lipstick texture. You can try matte lipsticks to create a matte effect, which looks more attractive.


Generally, lip glazes are relatively viscous liquid textures, while lipsticks are generally solid paste textures.

2.Color saturation

The lipstick has strong concealer effect and is easy to apply. The lip glaze needs a few times to achieve the effect. But the fullness of the lips on the lip glaze will be better than the lipstick.


you need to use a brush to apply it, generally lip glazes come with a brush head. And lipstick, you can directly apply makeup on lips.


The lipstick is creamy and paste-like texture, so the general moisture is not particularly high. There are moisturizing lipsticks, but you still need to use a lipstick as base before use for getting better effect.However, Lip glaze is a thick liquid texture,which is generally more moisturizing than lipstick.

 lip glaze

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