Makeup Tips To Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliner pens usually have natural and soft features, it can draw a natural and layered makeup looks, which is easier to use than liquid eyeliner. However, most of them are easy to stun. After applying, you can press the same color eye shadow powder according to the shape of the eyeliner to improve the problem of stun. Only waterproof eyeliner (liquid) needs to be removed with a special makeup remover.

Eyeliner Pencil Basic STEP

1. First find out the end of the eye 1 / 3, determine the position of the eyeliner;

2. Make your eyeliner next to the base of your eyelashes.

3. A slight rise in the tail accentuates femininity.

4. Apply another layer of eye shadow, so that the line will not produce smudges.

Eyeliner expert Experience Summary

1. When painting,make your little finger resting on your face or elbow on the table to keep your hand steady.

2. Draw in three parts, not one at a time;

3.The liquid should be less stained (especially in the inner corner of the eye), otherwise it will run to the upper eyelid and become two layers in one blink.

If you want to draw a fine eyeliner, I recommend drawing an eyeliner under the eyelashes, that is not rigid, easy to create a fresh makeup.

Eyeliner pencil and liquid eyeliner, to make eye makeup natural, must be more practice, it is recommended to attend special occasions to use liquid eyeliner.You need to accentuate the lines of the eyes, it is best to use black or dark brown liquid eyeliner, high-quality eyeliner will dry faster.Choose a shorter brush handle. When drawing the eyeliner, the little finger can rest on your cheek, which is easier to control and not easily draw crooked.

The first step in using eyeliner is to shake the eyeliner bottle to make the liquid even. After using the eyeliner, tighten the bottle tightly, otherwise the liquid will  solidify slowly.

After using the pen to draw the eyeliner, you can use a cotton swab or a small brush to lightly smudge the eyeliner. That will make the eyeliner look natural. If you are using liquid to draw eyeliner, you can use the tissue paper to suck the tip of the pen at first, so that not to get too much of a dip in liquid eyeliner.

Start painting close to the root of eyelash, the technique of skilled show again. The end of the eye should be turned up naturally, it is best to extend the direction of the eye line. Highlight the bottom line, eye shadow will appear young.

Eyeliner Pen and Liquid Eyeliner,Suitable for Professional Eyeliners Tools

In general,The eyeliner fluid will not be Halo Dye, and the lines are smooth and clear, the eye makeup is also realistic. But the liquid must be applied several times, and do not apply too much at one time, less dip more take,the tip must be close to the eyelashes when painting, and smudge with a cotton swab on the back to maintain a uniform effect.In addition, beginners are advised to use a product with a slightly thicker tip, the bristles are harder so easier to grasp.

Eyeliner pencil and Liquid Eyeliner Basic STEP:

1. Shake the liquid evenly,extrude appropriate amount, make the thickness according to the makeup effect you want, and choose the middle of the eyelid pen;

2. Pull the pen toward the eye end, coloring is easier even and more uniform; 

3. Put your hand on your eyelids to make them smooth and lift the ends of your eyes.

4. And then connect it from the head of the eye to the middle part.

In one step to use color eyeliner, eyeliner and eyeshadow

Color eyeliner products are relatively out of favor in the make-up market. Many high-end brands' black and brown eyeliner products are out of stock, which reflects the conservative and cautious mentality of female friends who apply eyeliners. In fact, matching the appropriate color eyeliner according to the color of the clothing or hair color can not only enhance your fashion taste, but also paint a rough stroke, and it can also have the effect of eye shadow, making your eyes brighter and more glamorous.

Eyeliner Products Q & A

1. How to keep off makeup all day?

Simply apply eye shadow powder of the same color along the shape of the eyeliner to ensure no makeup for a day.

2.How to make the single eyelid more perfect?

Because the single eyelid is not easy to detect when it is opened, it can be drawn slightly thicker,raised the end of the eye, so that the eyeliner is against the mucous membrane of the eye, bringing out the charm between the eyes.

3. Do you need to draw the eyelid under the single eyelid? If painting, how much is appropriate?

Whether the eyelid line is drawn or not is not directly related to the shape of the eye. It is important to look at the effect of the painting. For everyday makeup, 1/3 of the eyeliner will feel more vivid.

4.How to pick an eyeliner?

a. If you want to have a clear eyeliner effect, choose the black one. The blacker the better! You can compare a few more, draw the line on the back of your hand and compare it to see which is black enough!

b. The more water-resistant the liner, the harder the refill, you can rub it with your fingers, or bake it with a lighter, and you can draw it.

5. How can I stop my eyeliner from being jagged?

Hold the forefinger and ring finger of the pen against your cheeks so that your hands will not shake; use the other hand to open the eyelids at the end of the eye, raise your chin, and look down at the mirror, and you can gaze at the root of the eyelashes and draw it. 

6. What is the difference between eyeliner and eyebrow pencil?

Eyeliner pen close to the eye so the pencil core to soft, eyebrow pencil core should be relatively hard, to trace the eyebrow shape to be successful.

7.Should eyeliner and Mascara be the same color?

Not necessarily. If it is a colored eyeliner, it is best to use the same color mascara, but if it is black or brown, it doesn't matter! The combination of eyeliner and eye shadow should pay attention to the principle of the same color, light up and down.

8. How to use white eyeliner?

White eyeliner can be painted on the lower eyelid, as if painting ice-like, to enlarge the eyes.

9. Will long-term use of eyeliner accelerate eye aging?

Eyeliner pen and liquid eyeliner will not,just remove it completely. Generally waterproof eyeliner (liquid) only needs special makeup remover, just pour the makeup remover on a cotton pad, put it on the eye for a few seconds, and then lift the eyelid to fully expose the eyeliner, following the route from inside to outside, Remove eyeliner and even mascara once or twice. You can also use a cotton swab to remove makeup. In addition, when choosing eyeliner, try to choose quality water,so that it is easy to remove makeup and not to hurt the skin.

10. How much is it appropriate to raise the eye end?

The up position depends on the eye shape:

a. If the end of the eye has a beautiful upward curvature, the end of the eye can be pulled out in parallel.

b. If the tail of the eye is drooping, do not trace the eye line along the eye shape, it will make the eyes look very weak. At the end of the white eyeball, the eye line will start to rise.

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