How do you apply lip glaze for beginners?

Beginners need to pay attention to some tips for applying lip gloss because not paying attention can cause a lot of problems, such as uneven application, such as the situation of removing makeup, although applying lip gloss is very simple but also pay attention to it, below we take everybody to see a beginner how to wear lip glaze.

How beginners apply lip glaze by themselves?

1. The first thing we need to do is lip care. We first add a moisturizing lip balm and apply it on the lips. After that, we choose a suitable lip glaze and then dip it with the sponge brush that comes with the lip glaze. If you accidentally dip a lot of lip glaze liquid, put it on the edge of the jar and scrape it off a little.

2.Then use a sponge brush to apply the lip glaze liquid on the lips, and then spread it with your fingers. Do not rub the lip glaze with your lips, nor use a brush or other tools to brush the lip glaze.Because the fingers have a little temperature, if you use it to apply lip glaze, you can make the color of lip glaze self-heating, it will be more saturated, and it will last longer. Next, we apply a little bit of lip glaze liquid to the lips, and then stun it again with our fingers.This is done.If you like the moist feeling, then you can get here, but if you like the matte feeling, you need to take out with a tissue and gently wipe it on it, the result is the matte effect. Compared to the moisturizing effect, the color of the matte effect is more saturated.

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Lip glaze thin wearing method:

1) Cover the original color with a puff with air cushion cc

2) Use the lip glaze brush head to make a few points in the center of the upper and lower lips (Tips, after removing the cap, first scrape it at the bottle mouth to avoid using too much.)

3) Apply lightly with your fingertips until even.

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Notes on applying lip glaze

1.The lip glaze itself is matte texture, babies with particularly dry lips can first apply lip balm to moisturize for a few minutes, then wipe it clean with lip glaze.

2. Apply a little lip glaze, painting layer by layer, do not sip lips, because the lip will destroy the glaze film.

3.Girls who do not like the bright-coloured can use the lip glaze brush head up and down two points,and smudge them with their fingers, so that the color will be lighter.

4.Please use oily cleansing oil or facial cleanser when removing makeup.

5.Lip glaze will fade when encountering oil or high temperature

Remember: Not too much!Scrape at the mouth of the bottle a few times before pulling it out, as thin as possible!

How to remove makeup from lip glaze?

1. Press the lips with tissue paper and absorb the oil from the lipstick.

2. Pour the special makeup remover for lips on the cotton pad, completely moisten the cotton pad, smile to make the lip lines stretch, and gently apply lips for a few seconds.

3. After the makeup remover dissolves the makeup of the lips, wipe it inward from the corner of the mouth. Note that the direction is to turn inward, and remove it from the periphery to the center of the lips. Clean up easily leftover makeup.

Gentle makeup remover for lips and eyes. Its unique formula can instantly remove the most long-lasting makeup. It is also suitable for waterproof eye and lip makeup.

Note: After removing makeup, you should use lip balm to protect the lips and avoid deepening of lip lines. You can also apply a cotton pad with moisturizing lotion or moisturizer on your lips for about 10 minutes.

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Who needs lip balm?

Lip balm can help our lips hydrate and moisturize, so many people will often use lip balm, especially for people with dry skin, and the corners of the mouth will often crack, is definitely more suitable for using lip balm, and it is best Use a moisturizing lip balm to help the lips avoid and reduce cracking. In the cold winter, we will not have any discomfort due to this, so the moisturizing lip balm is especially suitable for people with dry skin.

For people with oily skin, then lip balm is not suitable to them, otherwise it will be more greasy and there will be no refreshing feeling, so this type of people is not suitable for using lip balm.

Finally, when choosing a lip balm, you not only need to know your skin type. You also need to know enough about the lip balm itself, especially a comprehensive understanding of the ingredients contained in the product, so that you can choose the best lip balm for using.

When applying lip glaze, if our lips are relatively dry, we had better moisturizing lips before applying lip glaze, but if we do not have such problems, then we do not need to apply lip balm, and moisturize Pay attention to the method when using lipstick. For those who are suitable for use, you need to apply it frequently.


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