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Beginner to buy lipstick or lip glaze? what is the difference between lip glaze and lipstick?

Lipstick shades are closely related to women's hairstyles, nail polish shades and clothing changes. Especially in recent years a variety of pearlescent powder and the use of processing pigments, so that lipstick color more diverse, texture more comfortable. Similar to the development trend of other beauty cosmetics, it continues to maintain beauty-oriented, taking into account moisturizing, nourishing and sun protection functions.

Use lip glaze to achieve effects that lipsticks and lip glosses can't show. Before the appearance of the lip glaze, the makeup artist will add a transparent lip gloss on the surface of the bright red lipstick to create a bright and rich lip makeup effect. Lip glaze combines the saturated color of lipstick with the bright texture of lip gloss. It can be easily achieved with just one touch of lip glaze.


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For female friends, they will choose makeup when going out, and applying lip glaze is an important step. It can effectively improve the overall color of the person. It is very important.However, some people will also have doubts when applying lip glaze. I don't know if I need to apply lip gloss before applying lip glaze.

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